6 Things That Can Be Calm and Handle The Age of 25s. Don’t let your fear end in drama


The next few months you are faced with the realities of living a quarter of a century . Yes, you’re about to turn 25. The age you’ve been afraid of. Because there are many life plans that you can’t fulfill even though you set the deadline at the age of 25. Such as getting married, having an established job, to living independently and being able to support family life.

Your fear is not without reason. The age of 25 that you will soon live is far from your dream first. Never mind getting married, just having a relationship ran aground in the middle of the road. Have a steady job and support a family? Duh, to meet their own needs sometimes still ask both parents.

Even if your splendid plans for turning 25 are crushed by reality, you still have a way of not being paranoid on your own. You still have spare time for a few months to no longer cultivate the fear of facing the age of 25, one of which is by calming yourself down. Here, Hipwee gives you some things that you can hold on to to be used as sedatives, so that when you welcome the age of 25 you are no longer afraid.

1. Age 25 does seem to have big responsibilities and obligations. But aren’t you slowly gaining experience too?

Long ago, you have often been reminded of the difficulty of stepping on the age of this quarter-century. Starting from having to be independent both mentally and financially, to having been asked to help with the education costs of younger siblings overseas. In fact, if you look at yourself, you are really not sure if you can bear all those big responsibilities and obligations.

Actually, it is natural if you feel that these responsibilities and obligations are too heavy to bear alone. But remember that you are unconsciously preparing yourself. Through the experiences and life skills that you have experienced so far.

2. Think of 25 as a new class in your life. No need to be afraid, because in every class there must be a teacher who always helps

If it can be likened, every increase in age is a moment to go to class when I was in school. What is done in the ‘new class’ is certainly different. The teacher who helps you in this class is also different. But one thing you need to remember, the teachers in your new class will definitely help you pass all the exams. The presence of a teacher in a new class is not only one, but according to your ability to socialize. These teachers come from parents, family, friends, and even other people you don’t know well.

3. Look at other people who have graduated from the age of 25. Their lives don’t turn out to be as bleak as you think, do they?

Long before you feel your fear of turning 25, there are actually many people who share the same fate as you. Take a look at your parents, siblings or even your own boyfriend. Some of them have passed the age of 25 and it turns out that there is nothing to be afraid of. You can learn from those who have ‘graduated’ from the age of 25. Learn to live 25 and beat your fears.

They can just ‘graduate’ from the age of 25 and their life is not as gloomy as you think, are you actually afraid to face the reality?

4. Regarding you who are still alone at the age of 25, just take it easy. After all, you are not the only one who is single in this silver age

Call it your biggest fear at the age of 25 is the absence of a partner. Go to an invitation alone, see friends take pictures with their partners only makes you jealous. It’s natural that you’re afraid to live 25 years alone. But remember, you’re not the only one who will live the age of 25 with a status that is still alone. Among your friends or even your family members there must be some who are alone. Even at their age of more than a quarter of a century.

5. After all, who said 25 is no longer young? In this era of millennials, whether a person is young or not is not seen from the numbers

But I’m afraid I won’t be called young anymore. How are you?

Take it easy, the term young people in the millennial era like now is not only associated with a person’s age. However, it is more seen in what someone does in the surrounding environment. Just look at the figures of young people who are hits today. Almost all of them have passed the moment of a quarter-century and some are even past the age of 30. So, you don’t need to be afraid of being considered no longer young. Because as long as you do something useful for the environment, you are still a young person even though you are over 25.

6. The journey to a quarter century is not easy. Instead of being afraid, try to be grateful for what you have been through

Before the fear gets bigger, let’s look back a little. You have been living this life for more than twenty years. Difficult, happy, and disappointed you managed to pass. Before you get scared again at the age of 25, try to be grateful for this twenty-plus-year journey that you’ve done. Be grateful there are many things that you have gained and learned. Not necessarily other people are given the opportunity to live the beautiful life in the world as long as you.

After all, if you keep thinking about it, every year in life is never easy. There are always things beyond your control as a surprise that will be encountered along the way. Being grateful, learning, and learning more, are some of the things you can do. Sometimes it’s okay to be afraid and not confident. But remember, only occasionally. The rest you should feel able to get through it all.