For those of you who are single for a long time, these 5 things help end your own status

Whether it’s because of your busy schedule or you’re comfortable with being alone. Maybe old wounds that still linger today, even make you choose yourself. When your own status is chronic, it’s definitely not easy to start moving and looking for a potential lover . At first, you may feel that you are okay with being alone. But then there comes a time when your heart starts to feel empty, wanting to start filling but not sure where to start.

You who are too comfortable with your own status are fine, but you can’t just sit still without making any effort to find your soul mate . Open your heart and mind that a soul mate does not come without effort. Even though you’ve tried to improve yourself, how will you find if you don’t look for it. These 5 things can help you overcome your own chronic status so you can quickly find a mooring.

1. No matter how busy your activities are, you still have to give space to pay attention to the environment around you, so that your soul mate doesn’t just pass by

You may be able to focus on your activities, but don’t let the passage of time and the increasing age make you become a stiff and awkward person when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. Boost your confidence again, believe that you are attractive enough to be a lover and start caring about your appearance.

Making friends with the opposite sex without feeling excessive, it can test you ability to cope with situations where it’s time for you to start an approach action

2. It’s normal to forget how to approach. It’s natural, but maybe you can start by being friends first. Whether it fits or not, that’s a matter for later

There’s nothing wrong with trying online dating, it’s a form of your effort to let go of your own status. Or maybe you can aim at an old friend who is also single, but once you find an interesting person, the only thing you think about is what’s the next step? How do you deket it?

The most appropriate way to get closer to the opposite sex when you are chronically single and seem to forget how to approach is to treat him as your close friend first. You need to adapt, do not immediately intensify a lot of attention. It’s not good, if for example it doesn’t match, you are labeled as a giver of false hope.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends for help to be introduced to their friends if they match you

If you’re ready to commit but haven’t met the right person for you, your friend is definitely ready to be a matchmaker. Your friends will also give their best choice for you because they also know you well.

One of the advantages of approaching your friends’ friends is that you know what your potential lover’s behavior is like, or other ins and outs. You don’t have to bother looking for it yourself.

4. Determining the criteria for a partner is necessary, but you also have to understand that love can come because it is comfortable and beyond your control

You may have grandiose ideals as your lover. But before you determine the criteria for your partner, you must also adjust to yourself. Do not let you want a handsome or beautiful lover, but you yourself are lazy to take care of yourself. It’s only natural that your own status is still attached.

Determining the criteria is fine, but when you have met someone who makes you comfortable. Surely you will instantly forget the series of criteria for your partner, because love can easily spread after you find comfort with him.

5. Don’t be too hasty in expressing love just because you’re tired of being alone, make sure first if it’s really him

If you have failed in a love relationship before and you want to start over, you have to learn from your mistakes, which is not to fall in the same hole. There’s nothing wrong with just convincing the heart, whether he will be the same as before or not. Don’t be careless in choosing because it could be that your carelessness in choosing a partner can give birth to a broken heart that can make you no longer want to know love and make things worse.

No need to feel burdened with your own chronic status, shield yourself from a “don’t expect too much” statement. If he really is for you, surely your path will also be easy to get.