A thief was casing a building

A thief was casing a building

A thief was casing a building when he noticed the guard at the front gate was distracted…

…Seeing an opportunity, the thief came in for a closer look.

He overheard the guard talking on his cell phone, choking back tears, “I can’t believe after all these years, no one at work remembers my birthday.

The head of security gets a surprise party, I get nothing…”

The thief is easily able to sneak by into the building. He is shocked how easy it was to gather all the valuables and head straight for the exit.

He walks past the security room on his way out. The head security guard and the manager were laughing and carrying on, not paying attention to the cameras at all.

He could have easily made his escape, but the whole situation kind of bothered him. Instead of walking out the front door, the thief kicked open the door to the security room.

The manager and head officer shouted out, “how the hell did you get in here?” “How did you get past our security guard?”

The indignant thief glared at the men and declared, “Gentlemen, I am afraid you have let your guard down…”