7 Superpowers No 20-Somethings Actually Have

7 Superpowers No 20-Somethings Actually Have1111

Getting a job in your field right out of college

This happens to one or two people in every group of friends and they must have some kind of superpower because they aren’t always the smartest ones with the best GPA. Somehow this person found an amazing opportunity you’d never even thought about and now they’re in line to get the rest of their career going while you’re still interning and working retail. This is an elusive and mysterious superpower.

Returning Netflix DVDs in a timely manner

This superpower extends to any millennial who can figure out how to use the U.S. Postal Service. Most of us don’t even know where to buy stamps and the whole process seems very cumbersome and bizarre

Always being able to connect to the WiFi

20-somethings are supposed to be naturally good at technology—we grew up with it! General tricks like restarting, unplugging and replugging seem to always work until the day you’re on a deadline and decide to get some work done at a café and everyone can connect to the WiFi except you. Technology never works when there’s a spotlight on you, figuring out this stuff under pressure (like during a powerpoint presentation when the projector fails) isn’t something mere mortals can accomplish.

Drinking healthfully

A small glass of red wine really is good for your health but most 20-somethings drink too much to outweigh the benefit. Like, way too much. But there are those people that graduate college and all of a sudden they’re buying fancy wines because they don’t drink the bottle in one sitting. They’re learning about tannins and pairing with cheese they bought at the farmer’s market Sunday morning when they didn’t have a hangover.

Being happy about running into people from high school

Small talk is basically kryptonite for 20-somethings. At least, if it’s taking place IRL.

Never having money problems

This probably applies to people who’s parents paid for college or have the aforementioned “getting a job in their field” superpower—but while most people spend the first few years of their 20’s (at least) living paycheck to paycheck on their entry level (hopefully) salary, others have been blessed with the ability to afford their loan payments, budget responsibly and save money each month. They don’t need to go through a trial and error process with their finances like the rest of us do, they just get it.

Not having a quarter life crisis

The quarter life crisis is so common it’s ubiquitous, you would know that just from skimming this website. It’s so common that it’s actually super human not to have one. Can you imagine going through your 20s completely satisfied with what you’ve accomplished so far, optimistic about your future, and without the persistent, nagging feeling that you know absolutely nothing? I can’t either.