4 guys meet in hell


4 guys meet in hell. A Bodybuilder, a Muslim, a Buddhist monk, and an American.

Satan comes over, whip in hand, and says:

-Those who endure 10 whiplashes can go to Heaven, the rest will stay here in Hell!

The American glances at the bodybuilder and is about to argue when Satan interrupts him,

-Everyone can choose 1 thing to place at your back and protect you from the whiplashes. Let’s start.

The bodybuilder steps up, with full conviction, he chooses a large and heavy metal shield to protect his back. Then, Satan starts with the whiplashes,

1…2… And the shield breaks apart. The 3rd never came, the bodybuilder screamed ‘Please NO, I give up!’

The Muslim steps forward this time. With a smug face, he asks for the physical manifestation of his faith to protect his back. He had done lots of terrible things, but it was all in the name of faith and it would protect him now.

1…2…3…and his faith began to waver…4…5…6… And the sound of something breaking could be heard. Before there was a 7th, he cries out pathetically ‘stop, stop, stop. Please stop!!’

Here comes the Buddhist monk’s turn. He asks for no protection, for pain is in the mind, he will hide behind nothing, and his body would endure any torment!

1…2…3… And he grits his teeth…4…5…6… Tears could be seen in his eyes…7…8…9…10… There is snot coming out of his nose and his back is badly mutilated. But he made it.

Now it’s the American’s turn. He is asked, by Satan, what does he choose to protect his back. The American ponders for a little while, and then calmly says,

-The monk.