A farmer goes to his doctor for a visit

A farmer goes to his doctor for a visit. The doctor, finding him particularly stressed, asks him how he is doing with his wife!! 

The farmer replies: Well at the beginning it was fine, but unfortunately we haven’t had any intimacy for some time now .

Why? Is there no more desire? Yes, there is, but at the wrong moments, for example when I’m on the tractor…

it’s just that when I get home I’m tired and everything fades away and even my wife complains. How can we do?

So, I would give you this advice: when you go to the fields, take your rifle with you and when you have a great desire,

fire a shot in the air to signal to your wife that the moment is right, so she will come to you!

Nice idea, I’ll try, thanks doctor.

A few months later, the farmer returns to the doctor, who immediately asks if he followed his suggestion!

Sure doctor, I put his advice into practice. 

Well the first few times everything went well, I fired, she arrived and we sparked! 

And then, doctor, since last month they opened the hunt and who has seen my wife!