A very shy young man

A very shy young man who doesn’t have much experience with women has been in a relationship with a girl for about a month and when Valentine’s Day approaches he doesn’t know what to give her.

So he decides to get help from his girlfriend’s sister and together they go to a clothing store:

he buys a pair of white gloves and his sister buys a pair of briefs for herself and asks for the gift package too.

However, the salesgirl gets confused and exchanges the gifts, thus giving the gift package with the pair of briefs to the boy, who, unaware of the mistake,

has everything delivered to his beloved’s home accompanied by this letter:

“I chose this gift because I noticed that you usually don’t wear any when we go out at night…

if it wasn’t for your sister, I would have chosen the long model with buttons, but she preferred the shorter model as it is easier to take off. 

The color is soft, but the saleswoman showed me the pair she’s been wearing for the last three weeks, and they had a solid lining.

 I had her try on a pair of yours, and she fit her very well. 

I wish I was there to help you put on my gift for the first time, as surely other hands will come in contact with it before I get to see you again. 

When you take off my present, remember to blow into it before putting it away, as it tends to get a little humid during use. 

Think how many times I’ll kiss your pair from here on out.
I love you.

PS The latest trend is to turn the edge a little, so that a little fur can be seen.