The fight of the butterflies

The fight of the butterflies1111

There was a boy who loved caterpillars.

One day he found one, took it home and made a home for it.

He watched this caterpillar every day making sure he had enough food and water.

One day the caterpillar began to create a cocoon… here it would undergo a metamorphosis and become a butterfly.

This was so exciting that the boy couldn’t wait to see the butterfly!

One day it happened, a small hole appeared in the cocoon and the butterfly began to struggle to get out. The little one was so excited!

But then he realized that the butterfly was fighting so hard to get out and it didn’t look like it was going to be able to free itself!

The little boy was so worried about the butterfly that he decided he had to help it.

He quickly took a pair of scissors and cut the cocoon to enlarge the hole and the butterfly quickly emerged!

But the butterfly had a swollen body and small wrinkled wings.

The little boy sat and watched the butterfly waiting for, at any moment, the wings to dry out, grow larger, and expand to support the swollen body.

But it never happened!

The butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and wrinkled wings.

He was never able to fly…

Then he found out that the butterfly was supposed to fight

In fact, the butterfly’s struggle to make its way through the small opening of the cocoon pushes the liquid out of its body and into its wings.

Without the fight, the butterfly would never fly.

The boy’s good intentions actually hurt the butterfly.

Moral: “Strength and growth are only obtained through continuous effort and struggle”