She’s a teacher who has no luck


It happens in class. She’s a teacher who has no luck, there’s an inspector arriving.

And it’s always annoying when there’s an inspector, because the class has to be better that day than the other days.

And the inspector says:
– Hello Miss, it’s for an academic inspection, I’m going to stand in a corner, do your lesson as if nothing had happened.

– Well, I was giving a moral lesson, in fact, on the general considerations of life.

André, tell Mr. Inspector what you want to do when you grow up!

– I would like to be a mechanic! Because I love mechanics, I have small cars and at home, I’m the one who reassembles them,

I’m the one who tinkers with them, I want to be a mechanic.

– You see, Mr. Inspector, we have everything, there are some who are tempted by manual work. And you, my little Pascal?

– Ah, well, I want to be a carpenter because at home, for Christmas,

I had a little workbench with everything to make small pieces of furniture…
– You see, they are rather manual, but anyway, it’s a technical college. And you Toto?

– When I grow up, my body will be covered in hair.

There, the teacher is a little dismayed all the same:
– What do you mean, covered in hair?

– Yeah, yeah, I’m going to have my body covered, but full, full, full, full of hair from head to toe, even on the tips of my toes.

Lots of hair.
– I don’t understand, but why?

Toto replies:
– Because my sister only has a little bit down and you would see the money she earns!