A man finally decides to give contact lenses a try

A man finally decides to give contact lenses a try

An Ontario man finally decides to get rid of his glasses and give contact lenses a try. He gets them in the mail, tries them on and is astounded at the results.

To celebrate, he decides to take a long drive into Quebec to admire the changing leaves.

He crosses the border and gets very excited at how beautiful the leaves look. As a result, he doesn’t notice that he’s driving above the speed limit. Suddenly, blue and red lights go off behind him.

The man pulls over and waits for his punishment.

The Quebec policeman, having noticed the Ontario plates, walks up to the man’s window and asks–with a very thick French accent, “Drivers license and registration, monsieur.”

Nervous, the Ontario man pulls out his license and hands it over to the policeman, who looks it over carefully.

Finally, the policeman says, “It says here you should be driving with glasses on! I will have to give you a ticket for this dangerous behavior!”

The Ontario man, stuttering and stammering, says, “No, no, Mr

Officer, it’s Ok, I have contacts.”

The officer looks at him angrily and says:

I dont care who you know!