Georgette Mosbacher’s Three Divorces to Success

Georgette Mosbacher's Three Divorces to Success1111

So what’s the worst you can get from 3 failed marriages?

Seven-year old Georgette Mosbacher’s simple life in Highland, Indiana changed abruptly one rainy day in 1954, when her father was killed in an automobile accident.

Her homemaker mother was forced to work as a cashier and clerk to feed the whole family, while Georgette did various odd jobs that put her through college and a job in advertising.

Georgette eventually married twice, both to very wealthy men.

She thought she had it all until the divorce papers came along with its modest financial settlements.

When she married for the third time to another wealthy man, Georgette, learning from experience, continued to work, building and independent, highly-paid career in the cosmetics industry.

She bought a struggling company called La Prairie and worked hard to make it successful, selling the company for a considerable sum after.

When her third husband – Cabinet Secretary of the Bush administration – unexpectedly divorced her, she was both financially independent and successful herself.

Today Georgette Mosbacher is a successful consultant and entrepreneur, the current CEO of Georgette Mosbacher Enterprises.

She is looked upon by many American women as a shining example of being to achieve financial success in a male-dominated world.

Here’s some success secret of Georgette Mosbacher:

“Every dream in life has a financial price, just as every action you take and every decision you make has as economic consequence. To get where you want to go, you must figure of what these costs are exactly how you will pay for them.”

Georgette has a touching story, though her love story was very radical –  she married thrice and divorced thrice – it didn’t stop her from becoming one successful CEO!