Beautiful Things to Say to Your Wife

Beautiful Things to Say to Your Wife

Beautiful things to say to your wife or girlfriend may not come easily. It’s your heart, after all. It may not leap out with the exact right words right away. You may find yourself wondering how to tell her how much you love her. How can you show her that you thought long and hard about what to say to her?

One way is to not think about it at all and read these quotes! We compiled some ideas for you to build on or copy word-for-word. These statements of love, some cute, some funny, some mushy, some totally romantically devoted, should help you find your way to your heart (and hers). Whether to save your marriage or forge a new romance, use these quotes.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Lady

When in doubt, start with sweet. Sweet and cute statements should be your default for how to tell your wife or girlfriend that you care about her. If you don’t want to jump right to broad Shakespearean declarations of love, you can try these out first.

Do you have any idea how lucky I am?

You’re everything to me, you know that?

I can’t believe I got to you before everyone else did.

You make everything more beautiful. How do you do that?

Say something – I just want to hear your voice.

Stop taking my breath away! I need to breathe, you know.

You’re literally a goddess.

Silly Things to Say

Sometimes, the silly things are the most romantic in a weird way. People are just people – not every woman wants to hear every day how they’re the greatest or most beautiful human on planet earth. Sometimes, people just want to hear that you’re thinking about them. So say these:

Thinking bout ya!

Need anything?

I did the laundry.

Sorry, that was stupid of me.

Can we talk? I know I’m hard-headed sometimes and I don’t know why. I love you so much.

Hey, I made you tacos.

Famous Quotes from People Who Know Love

Famous quotes from famous people can give you the words to say what you may not be able to, even with the help above. Here are a few famous instances of love quotes that may do the trick.

“To me, you are perfect.” –Love Actually

“I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met.” –The Wedding Date

“We were together. I forgot the rest.” -E.E. Cummings