Two Friends in a city met with an Accident

Two Friends in a city met with an Accident

There were two friends named Sam and Jason. One single day, while they were on their way to Boston city they met with an accident.

The other morning, While Sam was still lying unconscious; Jack woke up with blind eyes. The doctor was looking at the reports Sam when he woke up.

The doctor was looking at Sam with benevolent eyes as he was diagnosed with blood cancer. Sam decided to donate his eyes when he dies. He asked the doctor not to disclose this to Jason.

As time passed by, their friendship started deteriorating gradually and Jason started avoiding Sam as he thought it’s worthless to have a friend who will dies in few days.

Sam became depressed and he died soon. Jason came on the burial of Sam where he was offered with a latter by the doctor.

It was written by Sam! It read that “I want to donate my eyes for you Jason when I will die. It drove tears in Jason’s eyes and he started crying and remembering those days when they used to be together.


No matter what you do t6o your friend; they will always be present for you in your bad times.