A woman was having an affair

A woman was having an affair1111

One rainy day she was lying in bed with her lover when she hears her husband’s car pull up.

So her lover won’t get caught, he tucks his clothes under his arm and jumps out the window. While running down the road in the pouring rain, he realizes he has run straight into the town’s annual marathon. A runner moves alongside him and says “do you always run with no clothes on?”

“Oh yeah”, says the man. “It feels very liberating”.

The runner looks at the clothes under his arm “Do you always carry your clothes with you?”.

“Oh yeah”, says the man, “That way I can quickly get dressed after and jump in my car and go home”. The runner’s eyes move further down “and do you always wear a condom when running naked?”

“No”, said the man, “Only when it’s raining”