7 Causes of Bad Breath that You Need to Recognize

7 Causes of Bad Breath that You Need to Recognize

Bad breath clearly often makes many people insecure. Every time you want to talk or be close to other people, you must be worried about the ‘scent’ that comes out of your mouth. The problem is not only making the situation super awkward or your interlocutor feel,  bad breath is also usually an indication that there are more serious health problems in your body. But one thing to remember, the cause of bad breath can not be generalized alias is different.

1. Not many people know, sleeping with your mouth open or snoring can be the cause of bad breath

Launching Hello Sehat , sleeping with your mouth open allows bacteria to grow and multiply. In addition, snoring can trigger bad breath. Because breathing through the mouth tends to make bad breath in the morning. So snoring or sleeping with your mouth open is the cause of bad breath when you wake up. Both make the mouth drier because saliva is reduced. That is, the ability of the mouth to fight bacteria as parasites that cause bad breath is not optimal.

For SoHip who has a habit of sleeping badly, from now on stop, okay? To keep your breath fresh and fragrant in the morning.

2. Dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that cause bad breath

Actually the cause of bad breath in children, the cause of bad breath in babies, or the cause of bad breath in adults are not much different. Most triggers are dry mouth. But usually the cause of bad breath during pregnancy is dominated by hormonal factors.

As mentioned earlier, reduced saliva production will have an effect on bad breath. The reason is, the mouth loses its ability to fight bacteria because saliva has a function as a natural mouth cleanser. No wonder if a dry mouth will cause an unpleasant odor because it becomes a comfortable nest for bacteria and germs.

3. Including the most common cause of bad breath, smoking reduces saliva production

Bringing a series of health problems, smoking also brings bad breath problems. People who often smoke are most likely to have a bad breath. Because smoking reduces the production of saliva, the mouth is dry and not effective at repelling bacteria. Well, add more reasons not to start or stop smoking!

4. Consuming certain foods, drinks, and drugs can trigger bad breath

Leftover food in the mouth will spread a bad odor. Especially if left behind for a long time. Foods and drinks with strong aromas also trigger bad breath, such as onions, petai, jengkol, and durian. Not only food and drink, drugs are the cause of bad breath that should not be ignored. Chemical compounds contained in the drug will be absorbed by the body and then excreted through the lungs. It is possible that the exhaled aroma stinks. The unpleasant smell will not go away as long as you are still taking the drug. Even if you brush your teeth, bad breath persists.

But sometimes bad breath is caused by your digestion. The cause of bad breath from the stomach is usually triggered by stomach and intestinal diseases. Well, if it’s like this, you have to buy bad breath medicine from the stomach.

5. Due to poor oral hygiene, the mouth will emit a foul odor

The food left on the teeth, gums, and tongue becomes a medium for the growth of bacteria and plaque. It is not surprising that the mouth smells if there is a lot of leftover food in it. Dirt and leftovers that make the mouth dirty. If oral hygiene is not maintained, bad breath will be unavoidable because leftover food is trapped for a long time. So for those of you who are lazy to brush your teeth, let’s take good care of your teeth so that bacteria and germs are gone!

6. Allergies have various symptoms, one of which turns out to include bad breath

It turns out that bad breath is not just due to dirt or food residue. Allergies can also be the cause. Allergy sufferers will experience symptoms of nasal congestion, itchy throat, watery eyes, and bad breath. Due to allergies, the nose will be filled with mucus and mucus which is a place for germs to grow. So it’s natural that your mouth smells when you’re allergic. So far, there is no solution for bad breath due to allergies. But removing the snot and keeping the mouth clean is the right choice.

7. Plaque on the teeth will cause gum disease which leads to bad breath

Bacteria like plaque on teeth because it can form toxins that irritate the gums. If left alone, bacteria will damage your teeth and jaw bones. It is also possible that the gums are infected because of the accumulated plaque. Well, an infection in the gums makes bacteria thrive. Even bacteria it enters the bloodstream and causes heart disease. Brushing your teeth regularly is a way to prevent gum disease.

In addition to regular dental and oral care, you can supplement it with parasitic drugs that cause bad breath. Quite affordable, you can get bad breath medicine at pharmacies with various brands. If you are reluctant to use bad breath medicine, it’s a good idea to try natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, head oil, or ginger. These natural ingredients are considered effective in getting rid of stubborn bad breath. Good luck!