The teacher proposes to her pupils

The teacher proposes to her pupils1111

The teacher proposes to her pupils to bring a useful object for the protection of the environment for the next day,

asking beforehand to evaluate and observe the object together with their parents.

Luigi brings a garbage can saying that his father said it would be nice if everyone got used to throwing garbage in the appropriate containers.

Matteo, on the other hand, enters the classroom with a mask saying that his mother exclaimed that he would be wonderful if there were fewer cars.

Finally, Pierino shows the teacher an oxygen tank. “Tell me Pierino, what did your parents say?”

“Nothing, madam teacher.”

“Why nothing? It’s not possible…it’s such an unusual object!”

“I assure you, lady teacher, that they didn’t tell me anything!”
“But not even your brothers? Or your grandparents?”

“Ah, well…yes! My grandfather kept yelling: don’t take it off! Don’t take it off!”