My son joined army last year

On his first day, he speaks with the officer, who assigns him his post.

“Go stand at the armoury entry-way, and make sure no unauthorized personnel touch the guns.”

My son follows orders, and stands by the guns. After 15 minutes, the officer stops by.

“Son I’m changing your post to the mess hall. Go in there and start drying some washed dishes.”

My son again obeys, and heads to the mess hall. He’s wiped about 9 dishes when the officer walks up again.

“Listen here recruit, your new post is in the supply room. I need you to make sure everything is stocked up in case we are hit with another wave of pandemic.”

My son again follows orders, and heads off to the supply room. There, he sees a old army personnel, moving some boxes.

“Hey there,” says my son. “is it normal to keep getting reassigned to new posts all day? I haven’t kept one position for more than 15 minutes!”

The old man says “Oh yeah- this sub is full of reposts.”