Husbands request for all the guys

Husbands request for all the guys1111

A group of older veterans had all gotten together after not seeing one another for many years.

When they met up they all learned that one of their buddies had passed away right before the get together was scheduled and his wife showed up with his ashes and her husbands request for all the guys.

She explained that her husband wanted them all to have some of his ashes but they were to find a German style tankard and place his ashes inside of it and place that in somewhere of prominence in their home.

All of them remembering their buddy Frank found the request odd but figured if that was what he wanted they would go along with it.

Frank was always a jokester when they knew him and figured there was a punch line to it all but none of them could figure it out.

Over the next few years the veterans kept meeting up and discussing why in the world Frank wanted to be placed in some old tankard but nobody could quite figure out what the deal was.

Most of them were of the feeling that Frank wanted to do something so that they would get together more often and giving them an odd request was simply a way to accomplish that.

Eventually one of them was sitting at home when one of their grandchildren came over to visit and as usual he starts telling his grandson about the different things that he had seen in his life.

His grandson then starts asking about stuff that was on the mantle over the fireplace and the subject of Frank came up.

After his grandfather told him about how Frank’s ashes were inside of the tankard and how Frank was a jokester his grandson speaks up and says, “Grandpa, that one is easy…

He wanted to be Frank-in-stein.”