An old Fiat breaks down on a remote road

An old Fiat breaks down on a remote road

The driver discovers he has no service and can’t call for help. Just as he starts walking, a shiny new BMW stops next to him.

“Hey man, having car trouble?” The driver asks. “I’m afraid so.” The driver of the Fiat answers.

“Tell you what, my car is strong enough, I’ll tow you to the nearest garage!” Says the BMW driver.

The Fiat driver is overjoyed at this, and together they couple the little hatchback to the BMW using a rope.

As the BMW driver gets in, the Fiat driver asks him something. “This is an old car, so please drive carefully.”.

The BMW driver nods his head. “Just honk if I’m going too fast!”. With that, he gets in and they drive away.

They drive for a while, when suddenly a Porsche races by them.

The BMW driver doesn’t like this blow to his ego at all and starts chasing down the Porsche.

As they race down the road, they pass a farm. The farmer looks at the spectacle and walks inside. “What’s the matter with you?

You look like you’ve seen a ghost” his wife says. The farmer replies:

“I just saw a BMW and Porsche racing, and an old Fiat honking to get past”