About the anxiety, we feel, the girl who will soon step onto the aisle


For every girl, the idea of ​​a wedding party may have adorned the dream from the first. Fairy tales in the style of ordinary girls who are proposed to by a rich and handsome prince are the benchmark for how a love story should work. Then after getting married, they lived happily ever after. Marriage is also a dream, as if it is a solution to all problems.

But after 25, our views on marriage began to change. If asked how we feel before the wedding, happy for sure. But we are also increasingly aware that marriage is not just about living happily ever after with your partner. More than that, we started to feel more and more anxious.

We are used to putting ourselves at the center of relationships. After becoming wives, how can we be an understanding couple?

Ah, it’s not that we never realized. If we are often selfish in relationships. Always ask for priority and attention. Once you are indifferent, we immediately accuse you of being insensitive. We also often get you wrong. Attention is said to be tumben, but when you are indifferent you are said to be no longer in love. We are used to putting ourselves at the center of relationships.

But we also don’t want to act like that forever. There are times when we really have to give in a lot, when else if not when we become wives later. There were many things that had to be compromised, although in the end it didn’t match our expectations, we had to be able to keep our emotions in check. But no matter what, we still feel uneasy.Advertisement

Can we, the girl who used to always ask for attention, later become an understanding couple.

Not wanting to be pessimistic about changing yourself to be more positive. But we just hope that you will be able to give us space to process. So that the selfishness that exists within us can be eroded little by little.

In the past, it was easy to say breaking up, whenever you were upset. If we are married, how can we just ask for a divorce?

We have to admit, that when we casually say goodbye during a fight it doesn’t mean we really want to separate. We just want you to sulk and beg us not to be angry anymore. Arrogance makes us feel that we will never leave you.

Ahead of the wedding, it was as if we were awakened from the caress of a beautiful dream. Love should not be casual, as we used to often do. How could we ask for a divorce every time we got into an argument with our partner. Hopefully we can get rid of this excessive childish nature soon. We learn to live more mature relationships.

Choosing to leave doesn’t mean you want to leave. But so that the emotions can quickly subside

Sorry for those of us who still wake up late. When you officially become a wife someday, you still need a struggle to prepare for the start of the day together

In terms of getting up early, we admit that we are not the champions. You’ve probably nagged a lot, why is it so hard for us to wake up in the morning. You said how do you want to be a wife if it’s hard to wake up in the morning half to death. In the past we could only frown, if you always nag about it.

But as we got here, we realized one thing. Later when we are officially your wife, who will take care of all your needs in the morning if not us. Cooking breakfast for you will be a struggle. But for us, the struggle does not mean that it is impossible to do. Yes, domestic life is a struggle, isn’t it? ️

We are required to be able to manage our monthly expenses, but the latest lipsticks still often shake our faith

We are aware that we have to be women who can  multi-task. On the one hand we have to be strong women who can take care of all household needs, on the other hand we have to be gentle women to deal with your indulgence occasionally, and there is also a time when we have to be smart women who are good at managing family finances. Please, for this one business give us more time. So that we can learn to manage the money you give each month well.

Forgive us, who often make mistakes, when there is a new lipstick on the market. But rest assured, we have absolutely no intention of wasting your hard-earned money on useless items. There comes a time when we are no longer interested in the latest matte lipstick variants , and prefer to shop for household needs that you need more.

The presence of the baby later, makes us think again. Choose between being a total stay-at-home mom or a career?

The problem doesn’t stop here. When we get married later and the baby is present in the midst of this small family, we are again faced with a dilemma. Should we stop working and become a household or keep the career we have built over the years? Even before we met you.

But whatever our choice later, we beg to respect it. If we choose to remain career women, it does not mean that we will abandon our duties as mothers and wives. Even when we choose to be housewives, it doesn’t mean we have buried our dreams of continuing to work. We just need your support as a couple.

But in the end we realized no marriage can be happy forever. Problems will always be there to forge us into a stronger person

But in the end you just need to calm down. We will not be so childish in dealing with problems that come and go in the ark of our household later. Problem after problem made us realize that marriage is not the solution to all problems. Precisely after marriage, there will be many new problems that make us and you together become stronger individuals.

The restlessness we are experiencing does not mean we are experiencing doubts. However, we just need stronger support from you. At least it makes us calm, that there will always be a shoulder to lean on and an arm where we can always go home.