A truck driver lives a long

A truck driver lives a long1111

A truck driver lives a long, healthy life. After millions of safely driven miles, he dies peacefully in his bed.

When he arrives in Heaven, Saint Peter greets him and says the he now may have any rig he desires.

The driver describes his dream rig and it immediately appears before him.

Saint Peter tells him to drive to the closest truck stop and wait for his load.

The driver hops in the cab and heads out quickly arriving at the closest truck stop, and what does he see.

Parked semis: Millions of them from the 1920s, the 30s, the 40s and so one.

Every decade for the last century is represented, clear up to the 2022 models. All in pristine condition.

He walks into the diner and sees all of his favorite food available, his favorite TV show is on the monitor.

He sits at an empty seat with a group of other drivers, orders his meal from the sweetie-pie waitress, and turns to his fellow truckers.

“I was wondering, why is everyone here? Aren’t there any loads to haul?”

One old, grizzled driver looks at him and says, “I arrived here back in 1920 and haven’t had to leave this diner since I got here.

Like everyone else, we’re still waiting for the first dispatcher to make it to Heaven.”