Two aliens land on Earth

Two aliens land on Earth

Two aliens land on Earth in the middle of nowhere near a gas station and one of them gets out to make first contact.

He goes to the gas pump and says “Hello, we’re from outer space, and we’d like to establish relations, how can I find your leader?”

Obviously, the pump doesn’t respond so the alien is rather annoyed by such rudeness but he tries again.

“Yeah so we’re just trying to get in touch with your leader, can we get an address or something?”

Again the pump says nothing so now the alien is getting really angry, he goes to the ship boiling and says “

that guy is intentionally snubbing me, I hate that stuff! I swear if he does it one more time I’m gonna shoot him!”

“Ok,” says the other alien, “but just gimme a second to move the ship away first.”

So the first alien goes to the pump, takes a deep breath, and goes “hey, we need to meet your leader,

can you give us some help, it’s not too much to ask is it?”

The pump says nothing so the alien goes crazy, shoots it with a blaster, and is thrown away unconscious by the explosion.

He comes to later in the ship infirmary and his first words are “how did you know?”

“Well I didn’t know exactly what was gonna happen but there’s always a risk when you shoot a guy with a di** so big he wears it looped twice around his waist and stuck into his ear.”