Three Buddhist monks die in a car crash

They arrive in a beautiful clouded world and begin to walk towards a man. He is standing in front of the golden gates of heaven.

“Hello! I am Peter. Behind me, is Heaven. Unfortunately, I can’t let you in since you three weren’t Christians…

But! if you can tell me what the meaning of Easter is, I will gladly open these gates for you.”

The three monks look at each other and nod in agreement.

Monk 1 proudly claims to Peter, “Oh! Yes! Easter! Big man, white beard get on sled and give presents to children!”

Peter looks at him with sadness, “No. That’s Christmas.” Monk 1 instantly vanishes.

Monk 2 pauses with thought, looks up at Peter and states, “Easter. Families sit at table together. Cook Turkey and pray.” He pauses for Peters response.

“Wrong. Last try,” says Peter as monk 2 poofs away.

Monk 3 has a serious look in his eyes and says in a low deep voice, “Yes. Jesus. Son of God. Taken. Beaten. Nailed to cross.

Die. Put in cave. 3 day go by. Cave opens. Jesus comes out. Sees shadow. Goes back inside!”