Swimming Contest


Swimming contest

Joe and Jim were at the lake. Joe said, “Let’s have a swimming contest.” Jim said, “No way, you know you’ll win. You’re twice as fast as me.”

Joe said, “Well, how about if you take the canoe across while I swim? Will you race then?”

“Okay, we can do that,” Jim said, and across the lake they went. Joe was freestyle swimming and Jim was rowing in the canoe.

But about halfway across, Joe realized the water was only about two feet deep.

It didn’t make sense for him to swim, so he began walking with his knees bent the rest of the way across, just his head out of the water. Jim was still right beside him in the canoe.

Just then, an officer with the Department of Natural Resources came roaring up beside them, his blue lights flashing. Jim and Joe both stopped.

“Is there a problem, Officer?” Joe asked.

“You better believe there is,” the officer said. “You boys can’t be having a race where one of you is rowing a canoe and the other is walking in the water!”

“Why not?” said Jim.

“Didn’t you hear?” the officer replied. “Roe Vs. Wade is no longer legal!”