My wife this morning made her laugh throughout the day


A comment made in retort to my wife this morning made her laugh through the day.

Not really a joke, but see if you people think its funny.

We got a young puppy atm and myself an wife usually get up at same time early each morning to sort her out.

As she hasn’t seen us for a few hours as she sleeps downstairs with cats, she gets excited and clingy first thing,

so one of us will pander to her while other will make coffee etc.

This morning my wife woke us both up an I went to bathroom half asleep and bleary eyed.

When I got downstairs she was there ready with the tongue lashing stating she was being held up cause I was in bathroom.

Without thinking I said “Sorry about that, I didn’t expect you to use your broomstick to get downstairs so fast”

Apparently it made her giggle most of the day but didn’t admit it until this evening.