It’s three friends skiing on a glacier

It's three friends skiing on a glacier1111

It’s three friends skiing on a glacier. They hear shouts “help, help…”.

They approach and see Macron hanging on the edge of the crevasse, sliding. He
said to them: “Help me guys, I’m going to fall…”

The three guys say to themselves, we must save our President of the Republic at all costs and they bring him back up…

The President then says to them: “Thank you guys. You can ask me whatever you want. »

The first said to him: “I would like a state-of-the-art mountain bike!” »

“No problem,” replies Macron, “you will have your mountain bike. »

The second said to him: “I would like a surfboard of the latest generation!” »

Same response from the president: “You will have your surf. »

And Macron said to the third: “And you? »

The guy replies: “I would like a first-class funeral!” »

Macron looks at him stunned and says: “But…why do you want a first-class funeral? »

Because if I come home and tell my retired father that I saved Macron, he will kill me!