Fool the doctor

A doctor offers $100 if he can’t cure your illness, otherwise you’ll pay him $50.

Long A guy sees the sign and enters the clinic hoping to fool the doctor and easily make a hundred dollars.

“Doctor, I don’t have my sense of taste!” says the guy.

“Here drink this.” as the doctor hands him a tiny vial filled with unknown liquid. The guy drinks from it and immediately spews it out.

“Bleeeegh! This is gasoline!”

“Your sense of taste is back, that’ll be $50” says the doctor. Annoyed and disappointed, the guy leaves and decided to return the next day to try it again with the doctor.

“Doctor, I’m having trouble with memory loss. I don’t even remember what happened yesterday, I hope you can do something about it” the guy said. “

Here drink this.” as the doctor hands him the same tiny bottle from yesterday. “But doctor! This is gasoline!” “Good, you got your memory back.

That’ll be $50″ Furious, the guy leaves and swore that the the doctor would pay him the next day.

The next day, guy enters the clinic wearing sunglasses claiming he became blind due to an accident.

“Doctor I can’t see! Is there any thing you can do?” “Hold on, let’s see” as the doctor carefully selects a vial from his cabinet.

“Yup! This is it!” the doctor said showing the vial to the guy “But that is the vial with the gasoline!” “You got your eyesight back, that’ll be $50”