An exam was taking place in Oxford’s

An exam was taking place in Oxford's

An exam was taking place in Oxford’s oldest and most traditional college…

The ancient hall was packed with students in deep concentration.

Halfway through, a student stood up, banged his desk and loudly demanded a pint of beer.

The head examiner, furious at the disruption, asked him to ‘explain yourself at once’.

The student cited section 7.b of a long forgotten 13th century charter which stated students must receive a pint of ale at the mid-point of all exams.

After finding a copy of the charter and seeing the student was right, the examiner begrudgingly dispatched an assistant to fetch a beer.

As the student smugly sipped on his pint, the head examiner suddenly announced,

“You are expelled from this college, effective immediately!”

“Why?”, asked the student.

“For entering an exam hall without your sword.”