A stunning blonde enters the casino

A stunning blonde enters the casino. She buys chips and goes to the roulette table.

Once there, she asks the croupiers: “Can I take off my clo***? If I play na***, I always win.”

The croupiers are a little surprised, but decide to give in to the request.

The blonde puts all the chips on the table and takes off her clothes.

The ball rolls.

The ball falls on a number.

The blonde is beside herself: “Hurrah! I won! I won! I…”

She takes all the chips from the table and disappears.

After the croupiers come to their senses, one asks the other: “What number did she bet on?”

“I thought you…”

“No, I thought you…!”

And what do we learn from this?

Blondes aren’t stupid. But all men are men!