A man wanted to get a tattoo

A man wanted to get a tattoo. The only issue was, the tattoo was an devilishly intricate design.

He went to his local tattoo parlor, only to get turned away as the artist was not skilled enough.

He tried again in a busy parlor in the middle of a nearby city, only to be told it was too difficult once again.

Dejected, the man set out on a quest to find a tattoo artist skilled enough to make his tattoo for him.

He searched all across the United States, to no avail. He moved to the UK, then Israel, then Japan, but still he could find no skilled enough artist.

He travelled all around the world, trying to find that artist.

It was only near the end of his journey, in a small dingy Spanish shop that his dream finally came to fruition. And when his tattoo was completed,

it was just as glorious has he had imagined.

Every painstakingly minute detail was perfectly replicated on his skin,

each vibrant color perfectly transplanted. It was everything he wished for and more. After all, nobody expects the Spanish ink precision.