A man is looking for a long lost treasure

A man is looking for a long lost treasure1111

A man is looking for a long lost treasure and comes across an old .

He says, “I’m looking for the Treasure of the Hidden Sea. Do you know where to find it?”

She smiles and says, “I do. But there is a price to pay if you do.”

“I’ll pay anything,” the man says knowing that he’s been looking for this treasure for three decades. “Just tell me how to get there.” He pulls out his wallet but the witch puts his hand on his.

“Not with money,” she says softly as she as she pushes his money back into his wallet. “You’ll find out in time.

First, you have to go and catch a carp from the river. When you have the biggest one, come back.”

The man goes to the river and catches fish after fish until he catches a carp twice the size of the others. “This must be it.”

He lets all the others go and carries it to the witch.

She lets out a squeal of excitement. “Excellent,” she says. “Now that you have the fish you’ll have to go to the tunnel in the mountain.

If you drag the carp by the tail to the other side and then come straight back, it opens a secret path and you’ll be able to find the Treasure of the Hidden Sea.

He grabs the fish and carries it off to the mountain with the tunnel. On the way he sees a man who stops him. “

Oh don’t bring that there, that mountain is cursed if you bring that fish through there you will be cursed forever.

I need to find the treasure,” the first man says. “It’s my destiny.”

“I would not advise it,” the other man says. “The tunnel will curse you forever.”

He gets to the tunnel and puts the fish down. He grabs it by the tail and drags it through the tunnel.

It takes hours upon hours to walk through, and just as he thinks he’s about to collapse, he makes it to the other side.

“Do not drag that carp back through the tunnel,” a man says running up to him. “This tunnel is cursed and the fish will complete it!”

“I have to, this is my destiny,” the man says. He continues back through and as he approaches the far side of the tunnel, he thinks he’s hallucinating from fatigue as the pathway in front of him transforms and he sees the forest turn to ocean before his very eyes.

He walks faster and faster and he comes out the other side sprinting to the treasure chest before him.

Piles and piles of gold are before his eyes.

“I’m going to be the richest man in the world!” He reaches down and tries to pick up a small coin to examine but cries out in agony as a pain shoots through his hands.

He tries again but he can’t close his hand around it tight enough.

Every time he screams out as he’s unable to clasp a single piece of treasure.

Poof The witch appears behind him.

“What have you done to me,” the man begs. “What have you done.”

She smirks, “You will now suffer from Carp Pull Tunnel.”