A man decides to put his life savings

A man decides to put his life savings1111

A man decides to put his life savings into opening an aquarium… A young man took every penny he had and used it to open an aquarium.

He worked tirelessly, growing it from a small roadside attraction into the greatest aquarium ever.

Over a lifetime, he amassed the largest collection of sea life ever assembled.

He and his team conducted scientific research and ran breeding programs that helped restock populations of endangered species.

His teams rehabilitated thousands of injured animals every year. He helped lobby for legislation to protect the oceans and marine habitats.

He designed and built the most humane and realistic animal enclosures.

He spared no expense in creating innovative and educational exhibits and displays.

And then suddenly, laws were passed that outlawed keeping marine mammals.

His aquarium had to get rid of all of its best and most loved animal exhibits. No more whales. No more narwhals. No more walruses.

The crowds no longer came, and the aquarium started losing money.

The man became despondent at how the thing he poured his heart and soul into had begun to crumble. Soon after, he died of a broken heart.

At the funeral, the mourners all spoke about how he died because he had lost the thing he truly loved: his porpoise.