This guy and his wife lived somewhere

This guy and his wife lived somewhere1111

This guy and his wife lived somewhere where it was fairly common to go out and gather snails and cook them as a delicacy.

So they were having a dinner party, and the wife asks the husband to go get some snails to serve as appetizers. He takes a bucket and goes out and sets about his task.

As his bucket was almost half full of snails, a most gorgeous lady stop by and starts chatting to him.

One thing leads to another, and yes, you guessed it, the guy ends going back to the lady’s place, and in bed with her, having the most passionate night of his life. He completely forgets about his wife, the dinner party, the snails…

Early morning he leaps out of bed in horror as the enormity of what he had just done hits him. He grabs the bucket of snails which he had left by the door and rushes frantically home.

He trips on the front door threshold and the snails spill out behind him.

He looks up and his wife is waiting at the top of the stairs, looking absolutely furious.

Panicking he looks back at the snails spread out over the door steps and calls out “come along now, we’re almost there”.