Man goes to a pet store to get his wife

Man goes to a pet store to get his wife an anniversary present.

He walks into the store, owner greets him and asks how he can help him.

He glances at the pets I the store and sees birds, guinea pigs, fish and stuff. Husband:

“Today is our anniversary and I’m looking for something real special for my wife.” Owner: “

Boy do I have something special for you. Stay right here, I’ll be back.” Leaves the room, comes back with a dog. Husband: “….it’s a dog.” Owner: “

Yes, but not just an ordinary dog. This dog knows the Bible.”

He has the dog sit, and sets the Bible open in front of his paws.

Husband, in disbelief, says “Okay then, dog, 1 Timothy 1:17”

The dog flips the pages with his paws, finds the verse, puts his paw on it and woofs. The man says “That is amazing,

I’ll buy the dog!” He gets home to his wife, she says “it’s a dog” and he says “yeah I know but he knows the bible”, they go through the whole thing.

She says, “Wow, that is amazing! Does he know any other tricks?

” Husband: “I dunno. Hey dog, heel!” Dog runs over to the man, puts his paw on his forehead, “Woof!”