I walked into a bar

And ordered 10 shots of vodka at the bar and started doing shot after shot until I got 6 in and the bartender said

‘Jeez buddy, are you having problems?’ to which I replied “You wouldn’t want what I got.”.

He asked what I had and I said

“About 35 cents”

He kicked me out promptly afterwards

So I was walking down the sidewalk kinda buzzed and stumbled into two priests. They apologized and I replied “I’mje -hiccup- Jesus Christ”.

They looked at each other and said “no no son you just seem a little drunk” to which I replied “N-no I’m Jeeesus Christ.

I can prooove it! Follow -hiccup- meee” (while holding onto one of their shoulders for support).

They obliged and started to follow me. So I walked back into the bar and bartender said: