Boy sharing an apartment with a girl


A boy studies in another city sharing an apartment with a girl. 

One day the boy’s mother goes to visit him for dinner, and noticing the attractiveness of the girl, she begins to wonder if the two of them are not having an affair. 

The son, knowing her nature as a mother, anticipates her question assuring her that she is only a tenant who, among other things, is also a very good girl, very religious.

After about a week the girl says to the student: “Since your mother came, one of my frying pans is missing.”

The boy replies, “I really don’t think my mother took your frying pan, but if she makes you feel better, I’ll ask her next time I hear from her.”

Thus, in the subsequent letter to his mother, the boy adds the following sentence:

“Dear mother, I don’t mean that you took or that you didn’t take my roommate’s frying pan, but the point is that since you came for dinner, it hasn’t been more”.

After a couple of days a letter arrives from his mother who writes:

“Dear son, I don’t want to say whether or not you have a love affair with your roommate,

but the point is that if she had slept in her bed in the last few weeks she would have already found the pan!”.