Friendship Day Speech 2

Friendship Speech 2

Good Afternoon Everyone, respected teacher and my dear friends. Today we have gatherers here to talk about friendship day and its significance in one’s life.

I would like to present in front of you a short speech on friendship day and would love to hear a response full of excitement and fervour.

Friendship is that purest form of relationship which exists between every nest relationship. In fact all the relationships of the world begin with the purest form of friendship but when talking about a friend they have a special place in your life. It’s indeed a matter of luck to have a truthful friend!

True friendship is the unique gift that we get from God and it makes life a beautiful celebration. It is our friends who make life a pleasurable journey by making it an easier and joyous one. They will never ever laugh at any of your mistakes while they will suggest you on making improvements on the same.

Even though your friend is involved in a schedule busy enough to get time for anything, they will find time for their friends to help them in their difficult times. Friendship is one precious possession that can neither be bought nor be sold.

The essence of friendship germinates from the heart and it can be ended the day it starts depending on the materialistic possessions. It is to be noted that true friends are the actual happiness of our life.

Real friend are the one who will never forget their friends and will keep supporting no matter what.

Each one of us gets problems in our lives every now and then and we need people around to support us emotionally and morally in the times of distress. In this regard our friends are the people who will keep guiding you
Thank you every one.