A sports car is driving in Amish country

A sports car is driving in Amish country1111

He skids on the road and crashes into a ditch. He gets out unharmed and looks at his car in dismay.

A few minutes later an Amish man comes riding by in a horse and buggy. The Amish man stops and asks, “Would you like some help, English?”.

The man quickly says he would, and just as quickly the Amish man dismounts and ties his horse to the car. “Alright Nelly, pull!”.

The horse remains motionless. “Now you Chester, Pull!”.

The horse again, does nothing. “Come Blacky, pull!”. Finally the horse takes some steps and effortlessly pulls the car out of the ditch and back onto the road. “

Woah, Blacky, that’s good!”, the Amish man calls and the horse stops. The motorist shakes the Amish man’s hand and says,

“I really appreciate the help, but why did you call that horse by three different names?” “Oh, the Amish man says, that horse is blind.

He’s easily strong enough to do it, you see, but if he thought he was doing it alone he wouldn’t even try.”