One day a teacher asked the class

One day a teacher asked the class1111

One day a teacher asked the class to get a story with a moral
The next day she asks a girl what her moral was

The girl says “Every year we get our chickens and take their eggs to the market to sell them.

We were going down yesterday and my dad hit a pothole and all the eggs cracked in the basket”

The teacher asked “So what’s the moral?”

The girl replies “Don’t put your eggs in the same basket I guess”

The teacher looks shocked and moves on to a boy

He says “My grandfather fought in Vietnam. And one day his plane crashed, all the survived was a bottle of whisky, a M16 and his machete, he stumbled out of the plane after finishing the bottle and was surrounded by 100 Vietnamese soldiers,

he killed 50 of them with the M16 then it ran out of ammo, he killed 30 with the machete then it broke and he killed the remaining 20 with his bare hands”

The teacher is confused and asked him “So -so what’s the moral of the story?”

The boy says “Don’t fuck with granddad Joe when he’s drunk I guess”