Love Status for Facebook in English

Love Status for Facebook in English

I don’t need a burning sun and a cooling moon to show me my way. Just want you to hold me whenever I tumble.

Everyone thinks that love hurts.. But love never hurts.. Rejection hurts.. Loneliness hurts.. Love is the only feeling which covers all the pain.

Love does not consists of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

Bees love honey people love money but I LOVE YOU.

Love is not what you can receive,it’s all about what you can give.

“I fall in love everyday with you even more and more.”

“My Heart beats for you.”

“You are a star that twinkles in my heart.”

Don’t cheat. If you’re not happy just leave.

My girlfriend is currently the biggest thing in my life. I love her without reserves.