Cute Caption Material for Those Who Are Falling In Love

When it comes to the most romantic countries, maybe France is always on the first list. The country where the Eiffel tower is located does have a variety of romantic tourist spots ranging from love locks to love villages. In fact, without doing anything, these French men and women are famous for being  classy , and certainly romantic.

Indeed, the French are known for their expertise in composing words. Moreover, the French language and accent are already considered romantic from the start. Well, for those of you who are intoxicated with romance, Hipwee has collected some love quotes from France along with their translations. It’s suitable for displaying on Instagram as a photo caption with him.

1. Love is about two eyes looking in the same direction. The point of view is different, but we can walk together

2. Words limit taste. Maybe that’s why sometimes love doesn’t need to be said

3. When love comes, we never know when and how, all of a sudden we are already in it

4. Love is a journey. Bitter sweetness can strengthen feelings

5. Loving makes us excited to fight, being loved makes us survive even in sadness

6. He said, everything is allowed in war and … love. Do you agree?

7. But there are dreams that are beautiful and some are bad. Unreasonable love may depart from a dream in broad daylight

8. It’s amazing isn’t it, how can we find the figure of “he”? among the billions of people in the world?

10. Because he said, true love is about giving without having to receive

Talking about love will never end. Especially for those who are enjoying the beauty of love. There is no story about cloudy days. Even a dark sky or rain can look beautiful and be the perfect moment for both of you to enjoy. When you feel confused about how to express your love, replace it with actions. Or… just use a love quote . : ?)

So to make it extra special, this Valentine’s Day Hipwee made a greeting card for all of you. You can ‘send’ this card to your boyfriend, wife, husband, mother, friends, or anyone you care about. You can customize your  own words