5 Best practices for posting Facebook quotes

5 Best practices for posting Facebook quotes

Quotes make fabulous Facebook posts, but don’t start posting every quote you find!

There are good and bad quotes — it’s crucial you learn the difference.

Here’s a breakdown of best practices for your quotes you can use to drive traffic your way.

1. Use funny quotes

Funny Facebook quotes almost ALWAYS do well.

Your humor should follow some basic guidelines:

  • DON’T be morbid or vulgar. It limits your audience unnecessarily.
  • DO use inoffensive humor that even younger audiences can appreciate.
  • DON’T make fun of specific individuals or people groups.

People LOVE to laugh, so post funny quotes regularly!

2. Use inspirational and motivational quotes

Want to go viral?

Motivate your followers with an Inspirational quote!

Motivational quotes can make some of the BEST Facebook posts — if they’re done well.

Use high-quality photos that complement your quote.

Amateur, grainy, or low-quality images KILL the vibe you’re trying to create.

You also want to avoid cliches.

A good rule of thumb: if you’ve heard the quote before, don’t post it!

3. ALWAYS use an image

You could post a quote over a simple black or white background.

The problem?

That’s BORING!

Most people are highly visual (and don’t love to read).

A picture gives the eyes a place to anchor.

People are more likely to stop and look at your page when they see an attractive photo.

This type of quote just isn’t visually interesting enough to look at.

Quotes with images in the background are more likely to get people to stop scrolling.

4. Avoid controversial quotes

We’ve all seen Facebook drama.

If you want to build COMMUNITY on your page, avoid controversial posts.

Posts expressing strong opinions about controversial issues?

Those can cause a DRASTIC reduction of followers.

So save the pot stirring for family gatherings.

It’s not BAD to have an opinion.

But if your goal is to increase your exposure, controversial posts will probably let you down.


They aren’t shared as much because of their conflict potential.

5. Give credit to your sources

It’s cool to use Facebook quotes from other pages.

It’s NOT cool to try to pass someone else’s quote off as your own creation.

If your followers notice, you’ll immediately lose their confidence.

Give credit in the comments by tagging the original page.